Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Party

Uncle Chip came to read us a Christmas Story!
We made reindeer food.
Students decorated Christmas Tree puzzles, then exchanged them with friends and worked each others.
Our party food was delicious.
Here are some students (and Shawn) making Christmas Cards.

Holidays Around the World

Here we are dressed in attire from countries around the world. They look so authentic!
Eric and Lucas are playing a game together.
Some of the girls are making hand art using stamps.
Alex tries to eat using chop sticks.
We had a wonderful experience learning about how different countries and cultures celebrate around the world. Thank you for all the donations that made this day possible!

Gingerbread Men

Abby made here gingerbread man using her troll's hair. So now, it's a gingertroll!
Alex made his from playdough and bendaroos. His head fell off, but Alex was able to put him back together successfully.
Kolbe's gingerbread man was edible. Thanks Kolbe for sharing with us! Yummmm!

Preparing for the Holidays

Each student made a snowman ornament.
We used canning jar lids, hammers, and nails to make this Christmas tree ornament.
We took class pictures and put them on Rudolph's antlers.
Each student made a 2011 calendar for his or her parents. They wrapped them up themselves and delivered the gifts on Christmas day.
This is our class posing with our decorated Christmas tree. We worked so hard on our ornaments and gifts. We were finally done and were awaiting an exciting and fun Christmas party.

High School Speech Team Visits

These two students told and acted out the story of the Ginger Bread Man. It was very entertaining.
These girls shared How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
These two students sang and danced to Frosty the Snowman. They have awesome voices and are so brave for singing in front of all of us.

Second Grade Thanksgiving Feast

Each class brought a certain item to the Feast and shared it with the rest. We wore Native American headdresses and pilgrim hats to the feast.
Kolbe and Eric enjoy their meal together.
Carlos, Allie, and Harmony enjoy the beef jerky and wild rice.

Thanksgiving Plays

This is a picture of the Thanksgiving Spell Down.
My pilgrims are learning to plant corn.

This is a job well done by my little actors and actresses! I was so proud of them!