Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bottom View Farms

After the play, we headed to Bottom View Farms. We each got to pick our very own pumpkin, sample ice cream, and play in the hay maze. The field trip was a huge success. Thank you PTO for our fabulous t-shirts. We looked so sharp!

Meet the Cast

We were so excited to meet the cast of Huck Finn. The look on their faces says it all!

Huck Finn Play at PHS

Our visit to Portland High School's Theater was quite an experience. We watched the play Huck Finn. Afterward, we got to meet the characters and take pictures with them. The high school students did an amazing job.

Halloween Celebrations

Aunt Kay and Uncle Chip came to visit our classroom again. This time it was to celebrate Halloween. Uncle Chip read a Halloween book, while Aunt Kay handed out goodies to everyone. We had so much fun having them in our classroom again!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caramel Apples

Carlos and Eric (above)
The Boys Chowing Down (above)

The Eager Girls

Aubree's mom, Mrs. Mandee brought all the apples, caramel dip, and fixings. We were so grateful that she took time out of her day to bring us this special treat!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Hanging Out

What a bunch of Monkies! I thought this was a cute picture, and just had to share it. You never know what will happen at recess!

Blast from The Past

It's Red Ribbon Week, and we're celebrating being "Drug Free through the Decades." This is Mrs. Vinson, Mrs. Box, and me dressed in our fifties and sixties attire. I can't wait to see what else the week brings!

Lights, Camera, Action

Adeline and Abby
Aubree P. and Carlos
Aaron, Brandon, Carlos, Aubree P., Adeline, and Abby
Group 2 performed the skit Silver and Stripes for our class and Mr. Martin's fifth grade class. Each week, my three reading groups read a leveled reader that correlates with our reading story. This week, Group 2's leveled reader was a play. Mr. Martin gives his time to second grade students once a week during his planning time. I allowed this group to practice and rehearse with Mr. Martin. After much practice and preparation, the kids were ready to perform. It was such a treat to see them use their best voices and expressions while reading their parts aloud to the class. They did an awesome job. I can't wait to see more plays by the other reading groups. Their turns are coming soon!

Learning Some American History

George Washington came to see us on October 21, 2010. Mr. Wix received a grant that brought him to our school. He's an amazing person and leader.He had a lot of great information to share about his life and journey as America's first president. We had fun learning more about the role he played in making America what it is today.
We also had another visitor on Thursday. This is Allison Smith, my neice, dressed up like a rebel soldier from the Civil War. She's in Mrs. B's fifth grade classroom. They are studying the Civil War, and as one of their centers, they got to dress up like a real soldier from that time period. Thanks Allison for coming to visit our class. You looked very authentic!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mrs. Wilkinson and Mrs. Hester's 5K Run

Over Fall Break, I ran in the Wendy's Wish 5K with Mrs. Wilkinson and some other friends. This was my second 5K. I trained for the race for almost a month. My only goal was to finish the race without walking. It was extremely hard for me, and I wanted to quit several times. I kept a positive attitude and finally crossed the finish line. It felt great to accomplish my goal. Hopefully, I will be able to run in more 5K races in the future!