Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party

Our Halloween party was a huge success. We made a paper witch, decorated cupcakes to look like owls, went bowling, and ate lots of yummy food. Thanks to all the moms and grandmas that came and helped out, we had a wonderful time!

Paragraph Writing

Halloween was the perfect topic for our Four Square Writing Project today. We had a topic sentence, three details, and an ending sentence for the perfect paragraph. Check out the handwriting. I'm always amazed at these guys. I told them, their handwriting could pass for a high schooler's. They were so proud!

Fall Book Reports

Our Fall Book Reports were AMAZING! These kids worked extremely hard. I'm so proud of them!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Go Team!

It's Red Ribbon Week, and we're "Teaming up against drugs". Here we are supporting our favorite college or professional teams.

Brysen's Last Day

We will miss you, Brysen! Write us letters and keep in touch. Thanks for the cupcake party, and enjoy your new home, school, and friends. :)

Fall Ball Fun

We had a blast at Fall Ball on Saturday night. Our very own Blaine Blackburn, a.k.a. KISS, was crowned Fall Ball's King. He raised the most money out of all the boys at J.W.W. Our P.T.O. did a fabulous job at organizing the event and raising money to help out our classrooms. We are so grateful for their support and hard work!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Break

Fall Break was so nice! I got lots accomplished and enjoyed some much needed time with family and friends. My Fall Break included a yard sale, watching Will's soccer game, landscaping, Disney on Ice, and a field trip to Jackson's Orchard with some of my FAVORITE girls... the second grade teachers and their little ones. It was amazing, but I missed my kiddos here at school. It's good to be back! I love my job!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

RED Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week will be October 24-28. Wiseman will host a canned food and gently used shoe drive to support our community. If you are able to donate these items, please start sending them in anytime after Fall Break. It always feels good to help someone else. This is your chance to do just that!

Dress up days for Red Ribbon Week will be:
Monday the 24th- Favorite team shirt/jersey day
Wednesday the 26th- Red day
Friday the 28th- Support your Panters, purple day

I'll be sure to post pictures of those who choose to participate each day. Red Ribbon Week should be a lot of fun!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fire Safety

Our class has NEVER been so entertained during a fire safety program as we were today. The Gallatin Fire Clowns put on quite the show this morning as they taught our students what to do in case of a fire. There was dancing, singing, and lots of acting silly going on during this program. Our class was glued to the clowns and their show. If only they could've come back to class with us to teach reading, language, and math, I would've had it made! :)

After the Fire Safety program, we colored a calendar given to us by the Portland Fire Department. Thank you, Fire Fighters, for the service you provide our community!

Book Swap

Our Book Swap was so much fun. Our class was able to get new, used books to take home and read. Each student received atleast one book buck. Those who brought in their own books, could swap up to ten books. Our reading REALLY improves when we practice at home, so read, read, read!