Saturday, August 20, 2011

Homework Plan

As I told you I would in Parent Night, I've come up with a plan for the Fluency Folders and other homework. Here it goes...

Fluency Folders will go home on Mondays and you have until Thursday to complete the Fry Instant Word List and WPM fluency practice. There is also a set of sentences that are leveled by the colors green, yellow, and blue. Please have your child read over them, but there is no timing or documentation needed. Just initial at the bottom of the page, letting me know your child read his or her leveled set. (I will highlight their levels before sending the folders home.) The WPM fluency practice is located on the back side of these sentences.

I decided to give students all week to complete their Fluency Folders for two reasons. 1. Flexibility, and 2. Some parents were excited about the Fluency Folders and I could tell that they might want to go above and beyond the required practice. Feel free to read and practice as often as you'd like throughout the week. Just please return the folders by Friday each week. My aids will pull children to read from the Fluency Folders on Fridays. Thanks for your help with this. Let me know if you have ANY questions. I'm excited to see how this helps!

I've also come up with, what I think, will be our weekly homework schedule. You can expect for our class to stick to this plan almost all weeks, with the exception of short weeks and special occasions when family projects are sent home. This is the plan for now. I will let you know if it has to be changed.

Monday- Math Practice, Take Home Phonics Reader, Fluency Folder comes home
Tuesday- Reading Ticket
Wednesday- None
Thursday- Spelling practice test (10 times each for any missed words), Language practice, Return Fluency Folder

*I expect students to study their spelling and vocabulary words each night for as much time as needed. The only homework I'm giving in spelling is the practice test, so it's important that these words have been looked at each night. Get creative, and have fun with them! If students begin to fall behind in spelling, I will begin assigning spelling homework to those students needing the extra practice.

Hopefully, this homework plan is manageable for you and your family. It is my goal to assign meaningful homework. Reading is obviously my main focus for homework. As you may have noticed, language and spelling homework are assigned on Thursdays, right before the tests on Fridays. Pay special attention to the Language practice and check for accuracy because the test on Friday will be very similar.

Thank you parents for all that you do at home to ensure your child is learning and practicing these important skills. Your support means everything to your child and me. With lots of practice and hard work, I am confident that we will be amazed at your child's progress this school year!

Thank you,
Mrs. Hester

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