Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Ball Fun

We had a blast at Fall Ball on Saturday night. Our very own Blaine Blackburn, a.k.a. KISS, was crowned Fall Ball's King. He raised the most money out of all the boys at J.W.W. Our P.T.O. did a fabulous job at organizing the event and raising money to help out our classrooms. We are so grateful for their support and hard work!


  1. So how did this "Fall Ball" thing work? Did the kids pay to get in? Sounds interesting ;)

  2. Yes, it cost $5 to attend. They also purchased tickets for .50 at the Fall Ball to buy things like candy, glow sticks, pictures (which I took), and a hayride. There was haunted hallway and DJ in the gym. It was a pretty good time, I must say. As you can see, we also voted for a king and queen from each class. They raised lots of money too! If I have my facts straight, I believe my King was selling turnip greens to raise his money! :) He's so funny!