Friday, August 17, 2012

"Owl" About Me Sacks

Today, I learned lots of interesting things about each of my students. I learned about their hobbies, interests, and favorites, such as foods, colors, and sports. The "Owl" About Me Sacks were a great tool for learning more about these sweet kiddos! They did an awesome job speaking in front of the class as well. I was quite impressed.

I found out that Gavin is an Alabama fan. Bless his heart. He will learn one day. Go Vols!

I learned that Tarah loves Barbies. Here, she is holding a sweet picture of her family.

Anah shared her makeup and hair brushes. She talked with such enthusiasm!

Nathan helps his dad work on cars. He has his own drill. Pretty cool, huh?
Thanks for sharing guys!

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