Friday, August 13, 2010

Our First Fabulous Week

Question: What was special about your first week of school?
Brandon- I like school because I like to eat lunch, and I like to play at recess.
Mariah- I like school because I like P.E., and I love art.
Chloe- I like school because I get to make a lot of friends, and I get to see you everyday.
Orlando- I like school because my teacher is nice, and we get to play dodge ball in P.E.
Aaron- I like P.E. because you get to climb on the rope and everything else.
Harmony- I like the playground, and I like to do math.
Sasha- I like gym because Coach Curry has a bunch of stuff you can play with.
Adeline- I like school because you get to eat lunch and do art.
Abby-I like school because we get to do math and spelling
Aubrey J.-I like school because we play in gym and we go outside.
Carlos- I like to go outside and ride the tire swing.
Kolbe- I liked to read that one day we read to you.
Devin- I like school because we get to go outside, play gym, dodge ball, and I like reading.
Aubrey P- I like my teacher, math, and P.E.
Autumn- I like school because we get to play on the tire swing, and we get to see you everyday.
Allie- I love my teacher.
Alex- The best thing in school is that we get to do testing in math, go outside, and eat lunch.
Lucas- I like it, and it's fun! We get to go outside and play on the playground, go to lunch, and do some more stuff. That's it!
Mrs. Hester- I couldn't have asked for a better first week of school. My students are awesome, and I'm loving second grade (again). I'm so excited about this year! I know it will be amazing!

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  1. Since all of you love dodge ball so much, I think I should be able to play in your next game. Let me know what you think!